Thursday, April 7, 2011

Starting to Spring Clean

It was so nice here today, so we threw open the windows and did a little spring cleaning.  We got the garage tidied up.  It is a mess with extra stuff of Keriann & Derrick's plus Miles' baby stuff he has already outgrown.  We had to get creative in our stowing abilities. 

I also went through some of Miles' clothes that are too small.  We already have two totes full!  Yikes!  At the rate he is growing, we aren't getting near the life expectency out of his clothes that I thought we would.  He is almost completely out of 9 months.  There are a few outfits that he can still wear, but I'm sure it won't be long before those are too small.  He is wearing 12 months or 12-18.  He has a couple things that are 18 months that he wears too.

This past week when we put Orajel on Miles' gums we have noticed something sharp poking through on the bottom!  He is definitely getting a tooth.  It is so neat to see it come up more and more every day!  Once we can get a proper close-up pic, I will post it.  Right now if we get nosing around in his mouth, he just gets really mad at us.

Here is a pic of Miles helping me go through his clothes:
He wanted to try on his hospital hat from when he was born.

It still fits:)

Some other good news today:  I can wear my wedding ring again!  I haven't been able to wear it since I was probably four months pregnant, thanks to being so swollen while pregnant (I know what you're thinking -- don't remind me!  Well, I feel the same way!).  Then afterwards I was being stubborn about getting it resized.  I only had to go up a quarter of a size, but it's just enough to fit.  It's so nice to have it again, although I have to get used to wearing it all over again.
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