Sunday, May 1, 2011

33 Weeks

Sorry for my blogging absence lately!  It has been a bit hectic around here.  Keriann and Derrick moved out this week, so we have been busy helping them get moved and get set up in their new place.  Then Mom and Scott decided to make an impromptu visit, calling Thursday to see if we had any plans, then coming on Friday.  We mostly just hung out at home and played with Miles.

Miles has had teething symptoms again, lots of drooling, loose stools, etc.  We could see another tooth sometimes and then sometimes it was gone.  Mom was playing with Miles and was letting him chomp on her finger.  He was really chewing and rubbing it, and the tooth came out for good!  Now he has two little teeth.  Miles doesn't like to show them off, so we still haven't gotten a good picture of them.

It seems our hot water heater decided to call it quits, so today we did a little browsing for one of those.  Any recommendations?
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