Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Saturday was 1/2 off at Goodwill, so Keriann & I hit the Plainfield one up.  Then T.J. and Miles joined us in going to Avon.  I found this set of coasters for $1.00.  We have been looking for some and haven't found any that we like, so this is the next best thing.  Keriann had some fabric that matched our living room.  I had some decopauge on hand.  We just traced the coaster onto the fabric, cut the fabric out, decopauged on the coaster where the fabric was going to go, then did two coats on top of the fabric.  Here it is before I did anything.  Sorry for the super crappy pictures!  My iPhone flash throws me a little.
Here they are with one coat of the decopauge stuff.

And here they were the next morning after drying all night.  I am loving my $1.00 coastes:)

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