Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Weekend - Mom & Scott Visit

Better late than never; right?  Here are some pictures of our time with mom and Scott here.  We mostly just hung around the house and played with Miles.  After grilling for lunch on Saturday we played outside on this big blanket.  It was so nice and warm out, everyone got some much needed vitamin D.

Miles is going to check out the grass.
Not exactly sure what to make of it.

He really likes my big cup of water.  I usually have it around and he's always trying to grab it and puts the straw in his mouth.  He has sucked water out of it before, but not too much.  Well, he definitely has the hang of it now --chugging it out of there.  I am sure there was lots of backwash in there!

He was cracking up doing this!  Always a sure way to get him to really giggle.  Except when I do it -- then it's a sure way to get him to barf all over me.  Yep, it happened.  In my hair, down my back, etc.

Miles and Grammy

Daddy and Miles hanging out on the couch.

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