Monday, May 2, 2011

Living Room Makeover!

Keriann and Derrick are paid in full for their rent!  When they moved in, I told Keriann that their payment would be to help me paint the entertainment center/book shelf in the living room.  It was finished the day before they moved out.  And I LOVE it!  I wish we had done it sooner, but I was a little nervous about changing it.  So here it is in all its whiteness with Keriann touching up on the white.
Here it is with the painted backs.
And here it is all decorated.
See the curtain?  I sewed that up last weekend.  I was so worried about keeping the lines straight, but it turned out pretty good.  You can see our new couch in this picture.  Keriann and Derrick bought our oversized leather couch and chair from us, so we needed some new furniture.  This fits the space so much better and there is plenty of room for everyone to sit.  We also got a bigger rug, so we can use more of the floor space.  When we're going to play with Miles on the floor, we can just move the table into the other room and have a lot more space.

You can see some before pictures here.  It was pretty plain and boring in here!

The only thing left to tackle in this room is the big wall opposite the window.  I have something in mind, kind of like this headboard.  We will see if I actually make it. I might buy a nice picture or something if I can find one I like.  If you have any ideas for a big open wall, pass them on!
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Jessica said...

Looks great! Did you switch couches? I love the sectional. Also, that Love headboard is really cute!!! So creative.

Jessica said...

this is jessica b - btw.

Libby said...

It looks amazing!! I wish you could come help me decorate!!

Abby said...

You did such a great job with your built-in shelves!!! They look amazing! Your house looks so cozy and complete now. I mean, I know all houses are kind of a work in progress, but your house really reflects you and your sweet little family.

Malena said...

I love your new couch as well!!! Where did you get it? I've been looking for a sectional....Hmm.

Jade said...

Love the built-ins! They look great! Do you want to come to my house and decorate now?!