Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day

Saturday T.J. and Miles surprised me with flower, a balloon, a new purse, a gift card to the Buckle, and a pie.  I was out of the house, so T.J. saw it as his opportunity to get a few things without me knowing about it, hence the Saturday surprise.  Sunday morning we got up and went to church at Harvest Bible Chapel.  My chiropractor, Justin, told me about it.  We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to going back.

It's a newer church without a building yet, so they have the service at the movie theater in Avon.  When you get there, they have you sign in your kids, then go to one of the theaters.  I was so nervous leaving Miles.  I haven't left him with someone I don't know yet.  Afterwards I made a beeline for the nursery.  Miles was in there playing with a huge smiled on his face.  He loved it, which made me so happy.  I was so worried for nothing.

After church we headed downtown to Champps for lunch.  It was delicious, as always.  When you eat there on Mother's Day, you get a gift card for $10.00 off your bill every month.  We are pretty excited to use that!  On our way home we stopped and got T.J. a desk to match mine at Target, then some office supplies at Staples.  We also cleaned out my car.  It hasn't been cleaned since before Miles was born, so it was in a dire condition.  Some pictures around our house got hung, as well as Miles' new swing.  Then Keriann & Derrick came over for some grilling. 

It was such an awesome day!  I had the best first Mother's Day ever!  Thank you to T.J. and Miles for making it so special.  Love you!
Here is a little trip down memory lane -- Miles getting some skin-on-skin time with mommy.

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