Monday, August 15, 2011

48 Weeks

This week he is doing his new trick -- clapping.  He gets so excited when he does it too!
Here are a couple of his other cute ones from this week.

Miles, at 11 months you:
  • clap
  • give high fives
  • wave bye-bye
  • say "So big" by putting your hands in the air when asked "How big is Miles?"
  • love corn on the cob
  • have had whole milk for two days now at snack time and love it
  • slept in for the first time, clocking in at 13 hours straight
  • stand leaning against furniture, then balance by yourself for a few seconds before grabbing on to something or falling
  • played peekaboo with the blanket and mommy
  • say "mamamama" and "dadadadada" but don't really know the meaning yet
  • are making lots of sounds like gaga and kaka or making hissing sounds
  • will pet Herky nicely sometimes, but sometimes pull his hair
  • can't really pet Baxter because he gets excited and just wants to play
  • love riding on or in things like a shopping cart, wagon, or stroller.  You love your little tractor and Colt too
  • are done drinking out of bottles.  This week we officially have made the switch to sippy cups
  • no longer want help holding your cup and want to do it all by yourself
  • love goldfish, puffs, yogurt snacks, fruit, and any other snack food you can feed yourself
  • love to dance when music is on or we sing
  • don't have to use the seat anymore in the tub
  • are now free to roam the main level of the house since the gates are up.  You do lots of laps
  • have six teeth, two on bottom and four on top
  • crawl with a little kick from your foot.  You also bear crawl a lot
  • scream when the dogs bark
  • love playing outside and discovering everything, especially rocks
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