Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alman Family Summer Picnic & Payton's Party

These are a couple of pics from when we got to Mom's on Friday.
Miles got to go on his first wagon ride.  He loved it!
While we were getting ready, Miles was playin in the shower.
T.J. and Amber going on another wagon ride.
Here are some pics from the family picnic we had on Sunday.  Miles was all about hugs and snuggling.  He gave my family more than he gives me and T.J.
Here he's giving my cousin Jill some loves.
Here he is with Jenna, showing Great Grandpa Rudy his pearly whites!
My Grandpa Rudy and Grandma Doris.

Miles and Quinn playing together on the floor.
T.J. and Quinn playing.
We also got to meet my cousin Steve's new baby boy, Tristan.
Here is a cute pic with him and Great Grandma Doris.
Miles and Grammy time.
Miles got a kick out of this frog puppet.
Playing with the troll hair!
Sunday night I went over to the Pietig's house for Miss Payton's birthday party.
It's hard to believe she's two already!
I made Payton a pillow, but will post that later.
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