Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Farmer's Market and Jordan Wedding

Saturday we got up and headed to the farmer's market in Des Moines.
It is the best one I have ever been to!  I love it!
We were able to see my cousin, Rachel, and her family for a few minutes.
That afternoon we went to Scotty and Michelle Jordan's wedding.
We were so glad to be celebrating their special day with them!
They had a photo booth...Best thing EVER!
Here we are with the groom.  T.J. and Scotty grew up together.  We hung out a lot in high school, so I got to know him too.  Then he moved to KC to go to college and then work afterwards.  So while we lived in KC, we were able to spend lots of time together.

This was our first time meeting Michelle, but we are looking forward to getting to know her better!
After we got back to Baxter, we went to check out the newly remodeled Goat.
Can you tell how happy T.J. is to be there?
On the way out T.J. and Ian got a little photo op by the RAGBRAI sign!
And for good measure, I wanted to post all of our photo booth shots.  We got a little carried away:)
We did the same shots with the groom, his dad, the best man, and our friend Chad.
Then the guys did the same shots with the bride, the groom's sister, and the groom's mom.  We did one of the four of us.  And the last photo booth pics of the night was one of Kristy and I with Ernie, the photo booth guy.
Oh, what a night!
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