Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iowa State Fair Time (And Other Happenings in Iowa)

Miles had a great week in Iowa seeing lots of people, but it took a toll on him.  On Wednesday we got up and headed to T.J.'s Uncle Tom's house to stay for a couple nights.  He fell asleep on the way there and slept in his seat for another hour and a half.  Here he is in his seat.

After Miles' nap we went to Noodle Zoo for lunch with Beth.  She brought him a first birthday present -- an adorable set of books and a super cute blankie that she made.  Here he is sleeping with his new blankie.

Iowa State Fair time!  When we were planning our trips back this year, I knew I wanted to make it to the fair.  I'm so glad that it worked out!  Grandpa Mike and Grandma Julie came too, and we had such a great time.  Miles tried a few bites of fair food and got lots of good people watching in.  He even fell asleep in his stroller, which he never does.

We thought about getting a Herky hat, but it was too big. 

After we got home from the fair, Miles took a little nap.  He didn't sleep too long and woke up pretty fussy.  He and I took another little nap together, then we got up to get ready to meet Ben and Amanda for dinner.  Miles was really hot and crabby, so we ran to Target, bought a thermometer, and got some medicine.  He had a fever of 101.1.  It's the first fever he's ever had.  We gave him some ibuprofen and acetaminophen, and that did the trick.  He was still a little warm the next day, but it went down.

I had this picture of Miles on Mom & Scott's motorcycle that I thought was cute.
We replaced the light in the dining room today.  We bought it about a month ago, so it's about time we get it hung up!

On a side note, Keriann is thinking about making cake pops for her wedding.  I also want to make some for Miles' birthday party.  So we decided to do a practice run.  Looks like we need more practice, huh?

We baby proofed the house today.  We finally installed some fancy baby gates, got all the cupboards secured, and outlets covered.  We scored some baby gates at Target for a good deal.  The ones we got were $50.  One of them was an open box, so we got it for $30.  Score!  Then one of our stairways has a banister, so we had to get a converter thing.  I was going to order one online, but found one at the third Target we went to.  It was an online order/return.  It was $40 and I got it for $10.  Wahoo!

The only thing that we have left to do is tape some cords down and put some stop things on drawers and a couple cupboards.  He is exploring and getting into EVERYTHING. 
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