Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tacos

Remember our amazing trip to Jamaica?
After being there for an hour, I had a new-found, deep appreciation for jerk chicken.
It is so good there!  I am pretty sure I ate it at least once a day every day we were there.  Looking back, I probably should have attempted to have it twice a day.  It was that good!
Monon Food Company, one of our favorite spots in Broad Ripple, has Jerk Chicken Tacos on the menu, and they are delicious.
So I decided to dig out one of the many bottles of jerk sauce we got on vacation and give the tacos a whirl.

But first let me tell you a little side story to the side story.  Recipe anyone?  Ha!
T.J. ran up to Lowe's to get a spreader, which is a-whole-nother story for another day (think dead grass, rambling husband, $50 spreader, I don't care if he gets it, he feels guilty for spending so much on a stupid spreader).  So he got up there and they had all their grills on sale from this summer.
For some reason I let T.J. talk me into a charcoal grill a couple years ago.  I'm not sure how it even happened because I don't really care for food that's been cooked over the coals.  I think it tastes bad.

He found this puppy on sale for $85, then somehow the guy said he would take another $10 off.
T.J. didn't ask him or anything, he just did it.  He gets all kinds of good deals like that being a stay-at-home dad.  I think men see a man with a baby and think, "This guy could use a break."  Just like the time he got pulled over going 15 miles an hour over the speed limit and didn't get a ticket.
I am in love!  And my meat love is coming back after my vegetarian kick.  I am trying not to have too much, though.  I am still proud of myself for going for a whole month!  I might have another vegetarian month coming up soon.  I better find some good recipes to try during that.  Anyone want to veg with me for a month?

Now for the yummy tacos.
I use some jerk marinade, marinate the chicken.
Grill chicken, then shred.
Put chicken on tortilla shells with a little mozzarella cheese, lettuce, and ranch.
Voila, a delicious alternative to the regular, boring taco.
It's so yummy!  I promise!

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