Friday, August 12, 2011

Lots of Handmade Gifts

I had a couple of things I made for some of my special friends.
First up is a pillow for Payton.
Next up are a couple of hooded towels.  Mom and I saw some at the farmer's market and decided to give it a go.  They were pretty easy to sew, and are so great to use with babies!  Miles only has one good sized hooded towel.  He has a few that are small, and they don't keep him warm.  I need to make a couple for our house now!

I saw a tutorial on these soap dispensers on Lil Boo Blue.
My etching doesn't show up as dark as hers.  I'm not sure why not.  Or maybe I don't know how to photograph it to make it show up better.  Either way, we are enjoying our soap dispenser, and gave one to our friends who just moved into their new house.

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