Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday Funday with Nolan!

Mom has a laundry cart, and Miles loves to go for rides around the kitchen in it!
We got a little video of him going for a ride.  He was saying mama and dada.  He doesn't know what it means yet, but we love hearing it!
The Fullers got Miles an early birthday present.  He loved the card.  It had a monkey head that he played with.  Then it made monkey sounds and he loved it. 
He got a Tonka truck that is just like his buddy Nolan's!
This was his first taste of opening presents.  He liked it best when I ripped the paper.
Brett & Nolan -- T.J. & Miles
The dads hung out with the littles while us girls went and did a little shopping and out to dinner.
Court, Jill, Nicole & I went to Jordan Creek shopping then to Granite City for dinner.  It was so fun to catch up!
Miles and Nolan on a wagon ride.
T.J. said Nolan didn't like Miles playing with his feet while he was in his highchair.
Mr. Nolan
Since it was getting late and the boys had a big day of playing, we decided a bath was in order.
A little refrigerator magnet time before we left was in order!  It's time for us to get some of these.  Miles LOVED playing with them.

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