Monday, September 5, 2011

51 Weeks

It's so hard to believe he's almost a year old!
I have to give myself and T.J. pats on the back for seeing this commitment through.  Believe me, I was ready to throw in the towel in the middle there, but I'm glad we kept going.  I can't wait to get his book ordered!
A few things to note:
  • Miles started whispering today for the first time.  He was saying, "Dada?  Dada?" to me.
  • We went to the zoo today with Grandpa and Grandma McCord.  Miles was really cooing at all the animals.
  • Miles' max days without two good naps is three.  He did so good on vacation, but you can tell it really caught up to him.  Each day he got a little grumpier.  When did you switch from two naps to just one?
  • We haven't been using the bath seat anymore and just let Miles play around in the tub.  It is getting harder and harder to rinse his hair without him freaking out.  He is starting to hate getting the water in his face.  Any tips?
  • It was awesome out today!!  I love these cool, crisp days.  The windows are open and I have my slippers on.  It's perfection!
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Lisa said...

When I bathe my niece use a dry wash while I rinse her hair. Just fold it into thirds and hold on the forhead just below the hair line, this way the face stays nice and dry :-)

Betsy said...

Shep loves his bath and will play in there for a good half-hour every night if we let him! We gave up the bath seat too and just got a little polka dot non-slip pad (at Target) for the bottom of the tub.

Shep didn't give up his morning nap until about 15 months old, and even now he will take one once in a great while. We knew he was ready to give it up when he would just sit in his crib and jabber or play instead of falling asleep for the morning nap. Miles will probably tell you when it's time. :)