Monday, September 26, 2011


Miles had a huge day yesterday.  We went to church, and he played in the nursery.  When we got done, we came around the corner and could see where he was.  He was playing with one of the helpers, and he was cracking up.  So great to see him having fun! 

We came home and he crashed for a quick nap.  Then we went and had lunch with Keith and Natasha.  Natasha is due officially on the 5th, although her date has changed a few times.  I am betting she will got into labor on Friday, but have him on Saturday.

Miles missed his afternoon nap, so after we got home, he slept for about an hour.  Then we got him up for dinner and play time with Keriann and Derrick.  He is really into mimmicking sounds, which is so fun.  He will copy "uh-oh" or "ah, ah, ah", which is how Keriann disciplines him.

This is getting to be a long story, but there is a point.  Another interesting thing about Miles is that he is becoming a pickier eater by the day.  One day he likes sweet potoatoes, the next day he just spits them out.  Some days he won't eat much of anything, but I feel bad because he is probably still hungry.  So I started giving him one peanut butter cracker sandwich thing.  You know the packages you can get to put in a lunchbox or something?  So after he eats, he gets a cracker.  Hence where the movie comes from. He, of course, was saying it a ton until the camera started rolling.

Enjoy Miles' first two-syllable word!

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Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

So cute! I wish I had been writing my blog when my girls' were little. What memories you will have to show him!
Take care,