Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Comfy, Teeth Brushing, and Playing Ball

Usually in the mornings we go in and Miles is already sitting or standing in his crib OR he is still sound asleep and we wake him up.  One morning we went in and he was doing this.
Feet out through the slats all sprawled out with his puppy.  The funny thing was that he didn't move after we came in there.  Usually once he sees us, he reaches for us and wants out.  He must have been pretty comfortable!

Once he's up and dressed, we brush his teeth.  He loves getting them brushed, so we are enjoying that while it lasts.
On this particular day he was playing lots and lots and lots of catch.  He was really into his blue ball.
He has been able to throw for a while and catch it if the ball is rolled to him.
But on this day he was catching a ball that was thrown to him.  Usually it was like a bounce pass with one bounce, and then he'd catch it.
I think he's throwing both balls in this one.  Show off!
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