Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Weekend

We've had a busy weekend!
We had some extra formula.
Miles is drinking whole milk now, so we sold the rest of this stuff.
I'm not exactly sure how we ended up with so many, but we actually made some money on the milk and came out ahead.  Wahoo!

On Saturday we cheered on the hawks!
Keriann - Miles - Me

We had a baby shower for Natasha and Gretchen at work.
Natasha has not loved being photographed while pregnant, so I haven't bothered her too much about it...until now!  :)  She is in the final leg of her pregnancy, and I didn't want to miss getting a picture together.
Me - Natasha
Don't they look so cute?!
Natasha - Gretchen
Today we cheered on the Bears and worked with our tools.
Baxter really wanted Miles to play with him instead of his tools.
I think his face says it all.
"Dad, get this dog away from me."
Herky has to check out what's going on too.
So Baxter has to take it one step further and get as close as possible.

"Get out of here, Baxter!"
Miles' face in this one cracks me up:)

We have also spent today remembering all those that were lost and their families, friends, and loved ones.  The big flags at the football games, the bag pipes playing Amazing Grace, the trumpeter playing Taps, and the crowd chanting "USA!" have been pretty amazing today.  The pictures and news coverage from 9/11/01 will be forever embedded in my mind.  It makes me sick to my stomach to see them again.  I pray for peace for the families who lost loved ones and safe returns for the service people still fighting this battle.

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