Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Legs and Halloween Onesie

I have been itching to make Miles some baby legs.
I picked up these over-the-knee socks and got to work.
They were super easy to make.
You need to cut off the feet.
Double fold the top of the sock down.  I double fold it because it rolls otherwise.
Sew around the top.
Here they are!  So cute!
Notice his halloween shirt?  I made that too!
I dyed his onesie.  I was hoping it would be a darker orange, but it's cute anyways.
I cut out some iron-on stuff in the shapes I wanted, then ironed them on.
Then I just stitched around the outside of it to secure it better.
I stuck a little candy corn on his bum:)
Giving mom lots of wet kisses.
Love those baby legs!
Partying at Tatertots and Jello again!

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