Sunday, October 2, 2011

FryDaddy Come to Mama

I know what you're probably thinking...Gross!  A FryDaddy?
At least that's what I'd be thinking.
But it's true.  We bought one.  I buckled. 
And you know what?  It makes a mean mozzarella stick and french fry and pizza roll.  I also heard it made some mean chicken legs, but that's where I drew the line. 
Keriann and Derrick watched Miles so we could run a few errands, then we talked them into staying for dinner and feasting on all this greasy yummy food.

Now I'm looking for other meals we can use this thing for.  Not that I want to use it all the time or anything.  I can't do that to my body or my house.  (it was a little smelly that night but gone by the next morning)  So what say you?  Have any good fried recipes or treats to share?
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