Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walker Walking

Last week I did some major organizing of Miles' baby room and all the baby stuff.  I broke down some of the big things like the swing and jumper and got them all stored away in his closet.  I also took some of his bigger boy toys and clothes and got them into his future big boy room.  It's so nice to have done, and makes things not so cluttered.  I just hope I can keep up on it!

I bought this walker at the beginning of the summer at a garage sale.  I totally forgot about it, and it was in the back of Miles' closet.  Oopsies!  Well, in the meantime, we bought Miles a different new walker.  It was too fast and would roll away from him, so he didn't want much to do with it.  I brought this one down, and he grabbed it and started walking with it like he's been doing it all along.

So here's a big milestone for Mr. Miles, his first time walking with his walker!

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