Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Baking

Mom, Brandon, and Amber came out for a visit this weekend. They got here late last night, so we made the most of today and made lots of goodies. My feet and legs are so tired!

Here we are just getting started.

It even snowed a couple of times today, marking the first snowfall of this winter. So with the Christmas tunes blasting, everyone baking, and the snow falling, it was feeling pretty festive at our house.

Miles played a lot with the recycling today. He especially loved stacking the tube things that peanuts and cashews come in. The toaster is just under there to free up a little counter space! :)

Here's all of our goodies at the end of the night. There are even a couple things we weren't finished with yet, but we went ahead and took the picture anyway. You get the idea! It's a lot of food, eh?!

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