Wednesday, December 14, 2011

15 month Checkup

Miles had his 15 month appointment today, and he's doing great. He weighs 26.08 (71%), 33 inches (93%), head 19.25 inches (90%).

The doctor was asking about his development as far as words and actions, and he is right on there. Miles wouldn't show the doc any of his tricks or say any words besides "uh-oh." That's definitely a favorite right now. Then right as the doctor was leaving, Miles started waving. I told him to shake his hand, and he did. Such a little man:)

He remembered the doctor's office this time. He was fine until we went back and he needed to get weighed. From then on, he had a minor meltdown for everything they did. "You want to take my temperature in my armpit? I am going to lose it!" Saving the grand finale for the shots. I'm sure everyone in the whole office could hear him!

We are home now and doing good, though. Poor baby has had lots of snuggling today!
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