Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baxter, Parties & the Silhouette

Poor, poor baby Baxter had an eye injury recently.  It started as a scratch and turned into a big ulcer.  You could see a hole growing in the middle of his cornea.  It was scary looking.  But it was really nothing compared to what they did to his eye to fix the ulcer.  They sewed it closed with his top lid to his third eyelid.  Dogs have an extra one.  It was gross, to say the least.  He also acquired the cone.
(Baxter on Friday)
His stitches were supposed to be in until the 15th.  Today when T.J. went to put in his drops, he noticed that one corner looked like the stitch had come out.  We were worried about it, so he ran him to the vet this morning.  They were going to still leave it in, just minus one of the stitches.  The vet went back to clean around his eye, and while doing that another stitch came out.  So they decided to take the stitches out and see how it was doing.  It looks much better, but still a little red in his eye.  We have to leave the cone on and still give him medicine, so hopefully soon Baxter will be back to normal.
(Baxter today)
This past weekend we had our Stewart Richardson Christmas party.  It was at Euphoria, which is on the north end of the canal.  The drinks were smooth, the food delicious, and the company was awesome.  We had a lot of fun!  Katie and Anna watched Miles, and he had a lot of fun too.  He even slept in the next day:)
(Me & T.J.)
(Natasha, Jade & I)
(T.J., Keith & Chuck)
And last but not least, here is the newest addition to the McCord Craft Corner!  Haha!
Meet La Silhouette.
It's my Christmas present, and T.J. let me have it early!!!  I am sooo excited.
I've actually had it for about a week, but I just got it out of the box last night.  Keriann came over to help me use it, which really helped me get through it.  It's not too hard, but just takes some getting used to.
We got started on a project I have been meaning to complete for a long time!
The McCord Family Rules sign.  If you've been in our house in the last year, you know that we have a white canvas hanging in the kitchen just waiting to be made over.  Well, it's getting a facelift finally!!
Here is a peek at the first part of the rules.
Here is the base layer of paint.  This will be the color of the letters after I'm all finished.  Stay tuned for the final product!
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