Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Lights

We managed to get all the lights to turn on!!  Derrick got on the roof with me and changed a fuse in the first strand around the top, and they all worked.  Yay!!

See the tree in the bottom window?

The little shed has some lights this year too.  I hope I can get some more good stuff on clearance this year at Target to keep adding to the light show!  It looks great, but could use a little more.  :)
This is really more what it looks like.  It's pretty bright.  But the fancy camera and I don't always work well this is the best I could get as far as blurriness in this setting.

Considering this was our set up last year, I'd say it was a big improvement!

Miles loves our tree.  I kind of wish we had set it up upstairs.  I was worried he would drag it down on top of him or something.  He likes to touch the ornaments, but he doesn't pull on them or anything.  Once it's dark out and you can really see the lights, he will ooh and ahh over it every time we walk by the stairs and he can see it.  Oh well.  I think next year we are going to do two big trees, so he will have lots to look at.

He loves the ornaments that play music.
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