Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here are our pictures from Christmas morning.
Miles seeing his Santa present.
A new basketball hoop!

Keriann & Derrick got him a new sled.
Now if it would only snow!

We started off downstairs, but the baby was into everything.  So we moved the party upstairs.
He liked sitting on his presents.
T.J. with a new cup.
Me with some new scarves.
Opening presents with Auntie Keriann.
Keriann & Derrick
We had a fun, relaxing day at home opening presents, playing with new toys, watching movies, putting together a puzzle, and eating yummy food.  Here is the puzzle.  Keriann and I channeled our inner Grandma Doris:)
It was 500 pieces, which was just right.  If it was bigger than that, and I would have needed a break!

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