Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Rag Wreath

Once upon last October, I made some rag wreaths.  I made a Halloween and Christmas one.  You can revisit them here if you'd like.  Keriann was itching to make herself a couple, so she got some Halloween and Christmas fabric.  Then for both of us we got some Valentine's day and St. Patrick's day fabric.  Up next is Easter.

And being the awesome sister that she is, she cut out all the strips!  Remember when she cut a chunk of her thumb off?  She has come a long ways to be using a rotary cutter again!  She has a protective glove thing to wear, so that has really helped!

Last night I whipped up the Valentine's Day wreath.  Here is my in progress shot.
Here it is all finished.
I want to get a heart and hang it down in the middle, like I did with the spider in the Halloween one, just to give it a little something special.  I need a better way to store all these wreaths.  Usually I put them in the totes with the holiday, but I think it would be nice to hang them somewhere so they don't get so flat.  Anybody have any good ideas?
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