Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Next Derek Jeter?

He does have a mean fastball.  I am serious too.  He zings them right to you.  I have a feeling I'll be taking a lot of balls to the head/face while he is growing up. 
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Playing with Breakfast

We are working on Miles feeding himself.  He was pretty full after his Cheerios, some pureed blueberries and pears, so he was just playing with his grapes.  He moved his grapes from slot to slot on his plate for a good 20 minutes.  And he was so quiet and happy while doing it.  It made for some nice quiet time for mom!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

New/Old Toy

Miles found this toy in his closet this morning and has been playing with it ever since. I even had to remind him how to turn it on.

A few months ago this was his favorite toy, then it was old and boring so we put it away. Well, I guess it's fun and new again!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dates & Decorating

Me and my honey had a HOT date night tonight! See?

We ate at Hot Box Pizza and saw Breaking Dawn, which was surprisingly good. Keriann watched Miles so we could have some adult time. For that, we are always grateful!

The house is almost finished being decorated for Christmas. Tonight I hung these giant ornaments. I will post pics soon of the finished house. If only it would snow...

In true Griswold fashion, only half our house lights work. I need to get on the roof to see what's up. I hope the rain stops soon so I can get up there!

We are all feeling much better today than we were a few days ago, although Miles had a minor blowout tonight. I hope that was the last of it! Being sick stinks -- literally:)
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Bunch of Sick-o's

The sickness has come full circle. I had my turn starting yesterday morning. This morning I feel a little better, so hopefully that's a good sign!

Miles is starting to get back to his normal self too. He ate a good breakfast today, which is the first good meal we could get him to eat for a few days.

This morning we took it easy and played with some blocks.

We are so thankful this was just a 24-hour bug!
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Instagram Thanksgiving

Last night was a rough night in the McCord household.  Lots of pajama changes for the baby, which ultimately led to lots of changes for me.  T.J. wasn't feeling well at all, so he helped just a little bit and then went back to bed.  I finally laid down at 2:00 a.m.  I was sure that Miles would be up soon, but thankfully he slept until about 8:45.  He was a little clingy and fussy today, but definitely better than last night. 

T.J. was supposed to work this morning early at Target but couldn't do it.  I just said good-bye to him as he left to do his eight-hour shift tonight.  I bet he will have some stories from tonight.  I hope he has nice people in his line! 

Miles and I went over to Keriann and Derrick's for lunch today.  Derrick's mom, step-dad, and brother came out for a visit.  Just as we were sitting down to lunch, Keriann got sick.  I just talked to her tonight and Derrick is really feeling crummy now.  I hope I can fight it off!  It was a yummy lunch, though!  I brought Miles back home for his nap and did some cleaning.  I have a feeling I will be sick in a day or two, so I have been super productive the last 24 hours.  The house is pretty clean, and I hope to get all the Christmas decorations up tomorrow.  That way if I'm laid up, at least I will have a pretty tree to look at.

Since T.J. is working, I can't be out getting all the wonderful deals.  I have Keriann doing my dirty work for me, though.  I just got a text that she was able to get us digital frames at Wal-Mart, but it almost cost her her life. We did run to Michael's this afternoon and got a couple things.  It was 6:30 p.m., and people were already lined up outside Best Buy.  Oh, and I did order from Carson's online.  I got all the things I would have wanted in the store from the privacy of my own home.  Awesome! 

Here is Derrick carving the turkey.
Lisa and Keriann are busy bees in the background.

Just a couple of the loads of laundry I did today.

Anna, Katie's daughter, made a little hat for Miles.  It fits him perfect!

How could I not share this one with this face?

The shoppers all lined up.
Best Buy is to the left, Michael's is to the right.  The line was almost to the Michael's entrance at 6:30 p.m.

And what's a blog post of mine these days without a movie?
So here's a little clip of Miles' new laugh he was doing with Derrick.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

I had a good day at work today.  My only problem I had was finding where I was going, which ended up resolving itself in plenty of time for me to get there.  I got home, and that's when the fun started.  T.J. didn't feel well.  Miles had been having some bad diapers.  T.J. went to bed at 6:00.  I fed Miles and gave him a bath. 

On the way back downstairs, I fell down the stairs while holding Miles.  I think I had him on my left hip.  Then when I was going down, I got him in front of me.  I landed on my left side.  My bum, my left shoulder, and left side of my calf hurt.  We slid all the way down.  I hollered for T.J. because I was kind of freaking out.  Miles didn't cry until I started to cry.  Then he kind of freaked a little.

T.J. came down and helped get us calmed down, then ran upstairs and got sick.  He's been up another time since then too.  I hate it when he's sick!  Since we've been married, he's only been sick once...until last week.  He had a fever last week, then this tonight.  I don't know what is going on! 

Miles is okay.  He was playing fine and wasn't favoring anything.  I had to rock him to sleep because I think he got a good scare and didn't want to be alone.  My body hurts.  I really wish I could go to the chiropractor tomorrow!  I have a feeling I'm going to need it!!  It was so scary!  I am repeatedly thanking God that Miles wasn't hurt!

Here is a cute video my sister got of Miles singing along to Elmo's World.  He has also just recently started "reading" books.  He will sit and open them and turn a page or two.  It's just the cutest:)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Craft Show Flower

I scored this cute little hair clip at a craft show this weekend for $1.00!  That's right.  It was the only one she had like it or I would have bought more!
Miles really liked playing with it.
And he wanted to put it in his hair.  He kept holding it up there.  As soon as I would clip it in, he would yank it out.   
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Doing Some Laps

The other night Miles was doing some power walking around the house.  He was seriously doing some laps.  He is holding his comb that he got from Amber, our hair stylist, who gave it to him earlier that day after his second hair cut.  He always looks so much older when he gets a trim! 
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Furnace and Face Mask

Our furnace quit working late Wednesday afternoon. It was going to be an expensive part replacement, so we decided to go with a new furnace and air conditioner.

It was pretty chilly in here last night and this morning. Luckily Miles had warm jammies on and slept well all night!

Here is the new furnace in place but not all done.

Here it is all done. Isn't it beautiful?

In other news, Keriann and I tried a new face mask tonight. I saw it on Pinterest. Since I am blogging from my phone, I can't link to it. If you search on there for homemade pore strips, you should find it.

You use a package of gelatin, which is about 1 T. Then you mix in 1.5 to 2 T. of milk. Once you get it mixed, microwave it for 10-15 seconds. I used a paper plate and a plastic knife to mix it.

I don't think we waited long enough for it to dry. Our cheeks were a little wet still. Just get one good layer on, don't glop it on there too thick because it will take forever to dry. It really pulls a lot of hair out, so it kind of hurts. My skin is so smooth now, though! Let me know if you try it!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What we did the first two weeks of November

Oy, I've been a bad blogger!
I am going to do a post to get up to date with pictures and videos, then hopefully I can stay on track!

In the past couple weeks, Miles has taken quite the liking to Sesame Street.  He especially loves the intro.  Try not to watch my mom the whole time.  She stole all those moves from Miles!

Miles also started sniffing.  We talk to him about his stinky piggies sometimes and then sniff.  One day he started sniffing.  We can't get enough of his scrunchy face either.
I think all his sniffing action starts around 20 seconds.

Miles LOVES this drawer!  We can't keep our Ziploc bags in the boxes for anything.  We used to try to put them back in the right boxes after he was done destroying everything, but we gave up.  It's a toss up whether you will get snack, sandwich, or freezer size when you go in for a baggie.

Another new trick?  Climbing on the coffee table, of course!
Those rubber things we put on there to keep him from bumping his head or chewing on the wood gave him a little something to hoist himself up there by.  As you can imagine, the table is in the garage.  He can get on the couch if he does it in the corner.  We try to keep him from doing that because then this happens.

Miles loves playing up in the window.  He can get a little crazy, though, and start pulling on the blinds, so then we have to take him down.  It doesn't go over real well.

Today he figured out how to climb in his little recliner, turn and sit down, then get out of the chair all by himself.  It's a little scary still, but he's getting the hang of it.

Another reason for my absence?
These two.
I finished the last book tonight.  This series was so good!  It's very entertaining from the very beginning, which I love.  I've got Keriann and T.J. working on getting through them too.  I think I am moving on to The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer next.  Then I have P.S. I Love You and The Time Traveler's Wife.  Have you read any of them?  I have them in my playlists and just need to get through some of them.  The Time Traveler's Wife is loooong, so I hope it's good.  Also, I am a little worried about P.S. I Love You.  I'm pretty sure I did ugly cry when I watched the movie.  I usually listen to books on my way to a job.  I guess I might have to just listen to that one on the way home.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Baking

Mom, Brandon, and Amber came out for a visit this weekend. They got here late last night, so we made the most of today and made lots of goodies. My feet and legs are so tired!

Here we are just getting started.

It even snowed a couple of times today, marking the first snowfall of this winter. So with the Christmas tunes blasting, everyone baking, and the snow falling, it was feeling pretty festive at our house.

Miles played a lot with the recycling today. He especially loved stacking the tube things that peanuts and cashews come in. The toaster is just under there to free up a little counter space! :)

Here's all of our goodies at the end of the night. There are even a couple things we weren't finished with yet, but we went ahead and took the picture anyway. You get the idea! It's a lot of food, eh?!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our "Kids" on Halloween

Our friend, Katie, has a little contest on Halloween every year and you can get pictures.  It's actually Pam Kyle who takes the pictures, Missy's grandmother.  Missy and I went to school together in Baxter, Iowa, and both ended up living in Plainfield, Indiana.  Crazy, huh?  Especially since I graduated with 27 total in my class.  I mean, what are the chances? 

Sorry, I got sidetracked:)  Anyway, the dogs won third place at the contest this year!  Wahoo!  Their prize is $10 off their next groom at Katie's.  Yay!

We were able to pick a few pictures that we liked and got a CD with them on it.  So here are the ones we got.  Believe me, it is hard work to get two dogs and a baby to sit still, look at the camera, and smile.  And there were other dogs and distractions in the room too.  I had a good workout by the end of it and called it good with what we had!
Oh, and did I mention that Miles started eating one of the apples that was a prop?
So that's in every picture because it was the only way he would sit still.

Miles was a dog and the dogs were basketball player boys.  My plan was to have Miles be a dog and the dogs be little boys, but I ran out of time.  My procrastination caught up to me.  So we went with basketball players because it was close to the same costume I was dreaming up in my head.  Maybe next year I will be more on the ball!
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Straight Up Wore Out

From the beginning we have been pretty consistent with Miles' sleeping patterns.  We always put him in his crib to sleep.  We don't rock him to sleep.  He only sleeps in his bed, except for the occasional car ride falling asleep.  We also have a schedule that we follow with him.  If that schedule gets interrupted, you can kiss his nap goodbye. 

Well, on Sunday we went to the later service of church, which threw me off time-wise, and probably threw Miles off too.  Miles played hard and fell asleep for five minutes in the car on the way home.  If he even sleeps for five minutes in the car, he will not take a nap when we get home.  So we fed him lunch like normal and played a little more and put him in bed.  No sleeping.

So we decided to go get some groceries.  We ran to Target where he was a trooper, then he fell asleep on the way home again.  This time when we went to get him out of the van, he stayed asleep (definitely a first)!  He had to be so tuckered out!

So T.J. brought him in and laid him down in the living room.  We were going out to dinner in about 45 minutes, so we just let him sleep there.  He only slept for about 40 of those minutes, then woke up.  I do think the dogs had something to do with him waking up because when I went to get him, they were both sitting right by his head:)

Neither T.J. nor I like to take naps, and I think our boy is just like us.  He now only takes one afternoon nap, giving us a 2-3 hour window of time to get stuff done around here.  He does, however, sleep 12+ hours a night (holla!), so I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This weekend we went to the park and rode all the slides.  This was the first time Miles really enjoyed them. 

If you turn the video up, you can hear him giggling.
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Happy Halloween!

Saturday night we had a little adult time out.  We had dinner with the Reillys and then hung out at O'Reilly's for a couple hours.  With T.J.'s early schedule, let's just say a few yawns were being had at 11:00 at night.  We are so lame!  It was really fun, and I loved seeing all the fun costumes.  The theme at the bar was superbowl.  That's why T.J. and I are decked out in our best Bears gear.
It was also O'Reilly's 5th birthday, so they had birthday shots.
T.J. and Keith did ours for us.

Last night was trick-or-treat night here.  We took Miles around the block.  He liked grabbing the candy out of the bucket and putting it in his bucket.  Then on the wagon ride, he kept chucking the candy over the side.  I was watching, though, to make sure I grabbed any that got thrown overboard.

Miles went as a puppy this year.  The dogs went as little boy basketball players.  I have some pictures of them coming soon.

"I can't see!!"

After we got home, we handed out candy to all the kids.  Miles loved checking all the big kids out.  He just wasn't sure what to make of Halloween this year.

Hope you all had a good Halloween!
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