Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back to Iowa

Sometimes life gets away from me, and I forget to update this blog.  Then I get a few days behind and figure I need a good chunk of time to do it, then it keeps getting pushed back.  Well, get ready for a long post.  I will try not to write too much, just show you with pictures from our time in Iowa.

I got these mustaches at the Dollar Tree when I was buying stocking stuffers for Christmas.  They were in Miles' stocking.  As you can see, he is pretty fond of them.
Ha!  Poor baby HATED them!
This one cracks me up -- the look on Miles' face, Scott's stache is half off, and Mom's straight face.
Miles loved Grammy's ornaments!

One of the days we were back, my girlfriends came over to Mom's for a little play date with all our kiddos.  I'm so glad she snapped some pictures!
Kristy is holding Trey, her daughter Emily is saying hi to him.  The Miles snuck up behind her and kept giving her hugs.
Then we asked Miles and Emily to hug.  She went in for it, and he gave her the cold shoulder.
But they made up with a kiss.

We are missing a few kiddos from this picture, but I love it!
It's crazy to look back at our pictures from 5th grade on and see how much has changed in our lives.
So much has changed, but these girls are the same.  Love them!
You may have seen the pineapple video.  Here is a picture of it.  He was cracking us up with his sour face, but kept eating it.
Me & Quinn
This toy was a big hit!  Good thing it's pretty sturdy.  Miles was giving it a good beating.
It was an Elmo Christmas this year!
T.J. got some Zumba pants just like he used to wear in junior high.  Haha!!
A beautiful Iowa sunset.
On a walk in Baxter.  It's hard to believe it was 60 degrees in January there.  That's unheard of!
We took advantage of it, though, and went for a stroll to the park.  We also got to walk through the school.  It's so different since the new addition.  It has changed so much since I went there!
Miles and I got to go have a little play date with Court & Nolan and Jessi & Mya.  They are all within a few months of each other and VERY busy.  Miles learned quite a bit from them in just the few hours they were together.  It's so fun to get together when we are back!!
We were able to see a lot more people when we were back, but I didn't take pictures.  You know me and forgetting to snap pics.  If I remember, it's a miracle!
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Ryan & Rose said...

Ah the things we put our kids through!:) And love TJ's pants - my father-in-law wanted a pair for Christmas last year but my mother-in-law begged us not to get them for fear he'd wear them in public!