Monday, January 30, 2012

NFL Experience

If you want a good laugh, watch this.
GMC had this set up, and we were hesitant to do it.  But it's pretty hilarious, so we're glad we did!
They didn't tell us that Derrick's headset didn't actually work until we were half way through it.
Here is a few shots when we first got down to Super Bowl Village.
Daddy & Miles
Ice sculpture.
Indy cars in Indy!
The zip line.  We tried to do this, but it was sold out.
This guy cracks me up the way he is just hanging there, so I had to post it too.
Derrick & Keriann by the countdown clock.
Super Bears, Super Bowl?
Miles wasn't too into posing as a Bears player.
Where's my neck??
Keriann as a Vikings player.
Derrick as a Viking.
Miles was way more into being a Vikings player.
NFL Network broadcasters.
Shoulder rides are the best!
T.J. comparing his hand to Troy Aikman's.  
Posing with the Chanel 13 mascot.
Practicing our throwing.

This is where you could get autographs.  We decided not to do it since the guys signing weren't special to us and there was a long line.
Wilson was making footballs there.

Us in the Bears locker room.
D&K in the Vikings locker room.
Super Bowl rings.  I think that guy is counting diamonds?!?
The trophy.  There was a crazy long line for this, so I snapped from afar and moved on.
Derrick got drafted.
T.J. got drafted!
And Miles did too!
This was the floor in the kids area.  Maybe the Super Bowl will come back to Indy when Miles is a little older so he could partake in the fun.

At Monument Circle.
I asked someone to snap a pic of us, and she cut Miles out:(
So we took one with our family.
And one of K&D.
It was fun!  I am exhausted!  I really want to go back and do that zip line!  We might try to go back later this week.
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Pietigs said...

This looks like so much fun!!! I love the video! You should totally go back and do the zip line. I regret not doing it in Vegas when I was there last spring.