Monday, January 30, 2012

We Spent the Weekend in Springfield, Missouri!

We took a break from all the Super Bowl hoopla in Indy for a fun weekend with the Wassons.  We were able to catch up, hang out, and let our kids wear each other out.  This was our first time meeting Ezra, and I just love her to pieces.  She is about three weeks older than Miles.  Miles loved playing with Ari and Ezra!  I sure do wish we lived closer to each other!

Here is the drive down there.  It was a gorgeous day...sarcasm?  The theme down there was two binks are better than one.  Whatever it takes!

I was too busy to snap lots of photos, so we just have a few to share.
Here we are reading books after dinner.

Then there was lots of jumping in the trampoline.  This thing is AWESOME!  Talk about an easy way to wear your child out!

The next morning Miles and Ezra had a quick bath.  He likes to take baths with all his friends:)
Since we were in Springfield, I wanted to stop in and say hi to Elsie from A Beautiful Mess.  I've been following her blog for years, so it was fun to see her shop and meet her.
I was a little shy to say hi. It's like meeting a famous person!  So glad I did, though.  She was so nice!

While the girls were out running around and Ari was at school, Miles and T.J. hung out.  I should say Miles, T.J., and Jill hung out.

Here are some shots of the kids playing.

Saturday afternoon we went to a Missouri State v. University of Northern Iowa basketball game.  Miles loved watching the game and all the action.  I just had to remind him to watch the ball, and he would sit and watch the game.  After half time we got invited up to a suite to watch the rest of the game.  It worked out well because the kids could run around and not be confined to our seats.
When we walked into the suite, the mascots were there!  I didn't know how Miles would do since he hasn't seen anyone in full costume for quite a while, but he was fine.  He was shaking their hands and giving them high fives.
Springfield got their first Hy-Vee recently, and it came fully stocked with A&E chip dip!!  I couldn't resist picking some up to bring home.  It made the ride so much better.
And Raffi is how we get Miles home.
We watched it four times on the way there and three times on the way back.
Thank you, Grammy Barb, for giving us this!  We may need to get another one to switch up some of the songs for mom and dad!
Thank you so much, Roger, Abby, Ari & Ezra for a wonderful weekend.  I am already looking forward to May when they are coming to Indy for a visit!
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jill said...

i have a friend who moved to hawaii a few years ago. when someone goes to visit or she comes home, ae french onion dip is always stocked for her. i guess you don't realize the things you love until you can't have them all the time...even the little things.