Monday, February 27, 2012

A Big Monday!

Miles has been doing so good without a binky. Sometimes he takes a little longer than other times to get to sleep. You can hear him up there babbling. Then other time he passes straight out.

Today I took him to the gym to play while I worked out. Then when I got home, TJ, Miles, and Derrick ran downtown to get some tickets for the Big Ten basketball tournament. On the way home, Miles was almost falling asleep. Whenever he does this, we have to work really hard to not let him fall asleep. If he does fall asleep, even for just five minutes, you can kiss his nap goodbye. Well, he didn't fall asleep but got really close. We put him down for a nap, and he talked to himself for about an hour and a half before finally conking out. We were going to go up in ten minutes and get him if he didn't fall asleep, and he finally did. So I went ahead and took a little nap too;)

After he got up, we made a run to the park. It's nice here today, but the wind made it a little chilly. I am looking forward to the warmer temps here this week!

And tonight at bath time Miles and TJ were just laughing.

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