Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy Week

It's been a pretty busy week around here.  I've been running in the mornings, which takes a lot out of me.  By the time Miles goes to bed, I am ready too.  It takes everything I have to stay up and watch a TV show.  

This past week we did, however, watch two movies:  Water for Elephants and Sarah's Key.  Neither of which blew me away.  Water for Elephants was good, but not as good as some people made it out to be.  I finished reading Sarah's Key the first of the week.  The book was really good.  It was a sad because of what it's based on, but a really good story.  The movie, however, was not good.  They changed so much that it was irritating.  Even the simplest things that didn't make sense, they changed.

Right now I'm reading Women, Food and God.  If you watched every single episode of Oprah's last season (like I did!), you know how she ranted and raved over this book.  I must say, it's just okay.  I'm not having any "ah-ha" moments, as she would call them.  I should have it finished after my run in the morning, then it's on to the next one.  I am blowing through the books these days with the running and listening!

Thank goodness for my mom snapping some pics when she was here visiting!  She always gets some good ones.  I really need to get the zoom lens for our camera so I can get some good closeups.

Here's Miles showing off his new alligator shirt.
Showing you his tongue.
Blowing kisses

Singing the Incy Wincy Spider with Raffi.
Family picture taken before church.
And a final bit of news -- we put Miles down for his nap and bedtime with no bink!  He chatted before his nap for about 10 minutes before conking out.  Tonight he was asleep within a couple minutes.  I dare say this is the end of the binky!  Wahoo!  I hope I don't jinx us, and he will be up tonight crying for it...
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