Monday, February 20, 2012

This Weekend

Mom and Scott came for a visit this weekend.  Mom wasn't feeling swell for the first day, so we just took it easy and hung out.  We did some shopping while they were here, playing outside, bowling, jumping, etc.  Miles loves having more people around to love on him and play with!

Miles finally can get off the ground when jumping.  Here he is doing it.
Of course he did it a bunch before I could get my phone on, then once I start taping he stops.  Oh, well.  Many more jumps to come from this guy, I'm sure.  Did you notice his shirt?  The mouth opens up.  Mom & Scott brought it for Miles from their vacation.  It's pretty cute!  We would ask where the alligator's mouth was and then say "Arrrgh," and he would lift up the flap:)

Checking out Grammy's phone with her.
Being a champ at the bowling alley.  He sat for most of the first game and ran around for the second one.
He even started doing a little heckling, getting a boo in here and there when we threw it in the gutter.

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