Friday, March 16, 2012

18 Months

Miles had his 18 month appointment on Wednesday.  He is right on track developmentally.  He is big for his age, but he doctor said that it's good that he's all proportionate.  So all is good with Mr. Miles!

He weighed 29 pounds (85%)
35 inches tall (98%)
head 19.5 inches (90%)

Miles right now is:
-transitioning into some 3T clothes, depending on brands.
-babbling non-stop.  We love just listening to him ramble on and on and on.
-in love with watching the school buses go by.  We live by a couple schools and in the morning and afternoons we count them as they go by.
-an avid bird and airplane watcher.
-likes to check himself out in the mirror after a bath.  He plays peek-a-boo and cracks up at himself.
-getting his incisors.  They've been coming in for a while, but they are all poking through now.
-getting used to sitting on the big-boy potty.  He didn't like it at first, but is starting to not mind it too much.
-feeding himself with silverware at meals.
-using lots of words -- mama, dada, done, all done, airplane (aw-pah), ball, basketball, football, sorry, please (peese), thank you, hot, num, cheeseball (ball-ball), Auntie Keriann (tee-tee), Derrick (dah), yeah, hi (hiya), bye-bye, Baxter & Herky (not sure how to type what he says:).
-sometimes move your mouth like you're talking but no sound comes out.
-blowing kisses.
-when asked how he is, he holds up the number 1 finger.
-loving brushing his teeth, especially his tongue.
-pointing out his body parts.
-a mulch-digging-playing fool!  He loves to throw it around.
-hates getting hands dirty when he eats, though.  I know it contradicts the previous thing, but it's true.  I have to really work at getting him to pick up pieces of his sandwich or toast with his hands.
-gets scared at loud noises, like the blender.  But doesn't mind the vacuum.
-good at going to the nursery during church and the play world at the gym.
-running, and he's pretty darn fast!  I'm already worried about having to keep up with him!
-good at throwing balls -- two different people last week said he was going to play baseball after they watched him and he threw balls at them:).
-so fun!  He's the apple of our eyes!  We thank God every day that we have been given the honor to raise him!

I snapped these pictures yesterday, and Miles was totally photo-bombing.  I did the camera flip on the iPhone so he could see himself.
The tongue.
 Cheese!  I got him:)
He is such a stinker already with the camera!  Thank goodness for digital and the ability to delete photos!

PS -- did you notice his shirt?  I made it.  I will post how soon.
PSS -- I am leaving for Iowa this morning with Keriann & Derrick for a super quick weekend.  Lots of showers, driving, and visiting.  I am so looking forward to seeing some of my peeps while there!  I'll try to do some updates, but I may get behind.  I'm on a tight schedule while there.  So if I do, I will do some updating the first of next week.
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