Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hail Storm

A few days ago we had some bad storms blow through Indiana.  Lucky for us, we didn't get any worse than this hail storm.  The news of complete small towns being wiped off the map is so heartbreaking!  I was at the gym and had to drive in some hail on the way home, which was scary!  I was going so slow because if I sped up at all, I thought the windshield would break.

After I got home, T.J. wanted to pull the van into our garage.  It was a very, very, veeery tight squeeze, but we got it in and T.J. was able to get out too:)

I pulled the Saturn up as far as I could just in case.  I got some video to share too.
The news about the tornadoes tearing through southern Indiana is just a reminder to me that we NEED a basement!  Our next home will have one.  I am always a little panicky when I hear tornado because we don't have an underground place to go.
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