Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend (Friday & Saturday

Mom, Scott, Brandon & Amber decided to come out for a visit this weekend.  We kept very, very busy!  Friday we had a picnic at the park.  It was a little cool, but we had fun playing!

His favorite way to go down the slide.

Some people at the park had kites, so we decided we needed to fly a kite!  While Miles took his nap, we grabbed a few.  After he got up, we went to another park and flew our kites.  It's hard to see, but below is T.J. and the white spec is his kite.

On Saturday we dyed Easter eggs.
Coloring on his egg.

Family shot!

Miles opened his Easter baskets from Gma & Gpa McCord and Gma & Gpa Smith.
A new ball!  We can't have too many around here!

This little plastic Elmo was a big hit.  He's giving him some kisses.

Flashcards!  Any guess on what this is?
It's a cow.  MOOOO!

Rocking the rabbit ears.

We had an Easter egg hunt.  Miles had fun finding the eggs.

He sometimes had trouble letting them go and putting them in the basket.

Enjoying some goodies that were hidden in the egg.

We did lots of grilling this weekend.  We had perfect weather for it!
T.J. will probably be mad at me for posting this, but it's pretty funny so I had to.

Amber & Miles playing with the bean bags.

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