Monday, April 2, 2012

Other Iowa Happenings

While we were in Iowa, we were also able to make a quick run up to Mason City to see Grandpa and Grandma.  It was so nice to see them!  My Grandpa Rudy has recently been admitted to the nursing home.  His Parkinson's was too much for him to live on his own anymore.  I wish we were closer so I could go and visit them more!
Want a sneak peak at the shoes we got for the Parker/Hanson wedding?
I will keep the dresses a surprise.  But aren't the shoes too cute?  We ordered our dresses, shoes, and a hair piece.  I am so excited for the wedding to get all gussied up.  When do I ever get that chance anymore?

We were gone over St. Patrick's Day.  Here is Miles in his best green.
T.J. and Miles went to the park and played.
Threw rocks into the river.
Later that day he fell and skinned his knee, and I got this text to prove it.
So sad!!  Just a couple days after I got home, he skinned his other knee.  We had about a week of rough baths after that.  It must have really stung because he went bananas.
As some of you know, Mom and Scott are moving to the big city.  Well, Ankeny, that is.  Their house in Baxter is on the market.  So that meant and jam packed van full of stuff they were getting rid of on our way home!
Thanks for all the good stuff, Mom & Scott!
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