Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sewing Baby Goodies

My cousin Jenna and her husband Josh recently had a baby girl, Amelia.  I whipped up a few things for her.
Who doesn't love fun burp cloths and gray chevrons?
I also whipped up these little numbers.
The MOM and green shirt are for Miles.  The other one is too small so I'm saving it for a baby gift.
I love the MOM on because it says mom :) but also because it's Miles' initials.
Here are the shirts I made for Baby West.
Drew has a harley -- motorcycle.
Jill's parents recently bought a lake house at Lake Okoboji -- anchor.
Cyclone fans -- red and yellow zig zag.
The next two I just thought were cute:)
The motorcycle one wraps around to the back.
Here is Miles modeling his new shirts.

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