Monday, May 14, 2012

Iowa Weekend -- Day 1, Thursday

This past weekend we made the trip back to Iowa.  This one was our hardest yet with Miles.  He still did so good and was a major trouper, but it had some rough spots.  He just has so much energy to burn and sitting still for seven hours is hard!

We got up early and hit the highway.  Miles is pretty into stickers these days, so he made some sticker pictures.
He also had his first Happy Meal from McDonald's.  He ate it pretty good, but I don't think he'll be begging us to stop at the golden arches anytime soon. Maybe once we introduce him to the playplace thing, but I'm going to hold off as long as I can!

When we got to Newton, we stopped to stretch our legs and play at a park with Grandma Barb while she was on her lunch break.  After that we dropped off Keriann and Derrick in Baxter, then headed to Des Moines.  We went to my Great Aunt and Great Uncle's house.  They haven't gotten to meet Miles yet, so it's been a long time since we've visited with them.  It was so fun to chat and catch up!

Here is Miles with his Great Great Uncle Walt.
Here he is with his Great Great Aunt Joyce.
Giving Walt a hug.
After we left Walt and Joyce's, we had to stop by the West's house to meet Miss Maelyn!  She's so teeny, tiny, and we had so much fun with her!  Miles loved the baby and talked about the baby all weekend!
She's not so happy with me.
T.J. has the magic touch!
Pretty girl posing!
After hanging out at while, we all went and grabbed some BBQ at Jethro's.  It was the first of three BBQ restaurants we ate at while in Iowa.
Here is Miles sporting my shades at dinner.
T.J. had to try on his tux for Ben's wedding before heading back to Baxter, so we stopped at Mike & Julie's to get that done.  We got Miles all ready for bed, and he played with Grandma Julie before jumping back in the car.  We logged some serious miles this weekend!

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