Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Iowa Weekend -- Day 2, Friday

Friday morning Miles got up and got to play with Grammy's fun tent!  
And the blocks!

He helped make his toast for breakfast too:)
Then we got on the road again.  We headed to Woodward to visit my Beth and see her new house.  It is gorgeous, by the way!  I will have to let you know if she does a house tour so you can see too!

For lunch I was able to meet up with Jessica.  It was gorgeous outside, so we ate on the patio.  It was a longer lunch than either of us planned on.  That's what happens when you get to chatting with an old friend!  I hope you didn't have to work late or anything, Jess!

The rehearsal was at Reiman Gardens early afternoon.  Since Miles doesn't sit still for too long, he and I went outside and ran around Reiman Gardens while they rehearsed inside.  They had this Lego exhibit set up, and Miles loved all the big Legos!

Dinner was at Hickory Park, our second BBQ dinner of the trip.  Miles got some blue ice cream after dinner and all was right in his world!

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