Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Iowa Weekend -- Day 4, Sunday

Sunday morning we got up and went to church with mom in Newton.  From there we headed to Altoona for a bite to eat with Mike & Julie.  We were going to go to eat brunch at Prairie Meadows, but the line was huge.  We went to Claxton's for some more BBQ instead.  Our third and final BBQ restaurant in one weekend.  That's a lot of BBQ!!

The only picture I took there was Miles riding their pig.
After that we headed back to Baxter for some playing with Quinn, Matt & Becky.

We went on some walks.

We had laundry cart rides.
T.J. shot the bee-bee gun

We played ball out back.

We picked flowers.
We said "Hut, hut."

We went on wagon rides.
We posed for some family pictures.
 Becky, Quinn & Matt
Mommy & Miles
Mommy, Miles & Daddy
We looked at caterpillars.
Grandpa Scott gave lawnmower rides.
We gave kisses to our cousin.

We gave hugs to our cousin too!  xoxo
And we had one last picture with Grandma and Grandpa and Quinn and the setting sun.
Phew!  What a day!  What a weekend!  It was crazy running all over, but we had so much fun!!

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