Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing in the Rain and Puddles

It's been rainy here the last two days, which means lots of time indoors for us.  We love to get outside a couple times a day to burn off some energy.  It was warm this evening while we were getting some rain, so we decided to get out and play in it.  Miles LOVED it!  After lunch he and I did some dancing in the rain on the deck, not getting too wet.  But tonight we went for it and got soaked!  We went for a walk around the block looking for some good puddles and found THE Puddle of all Puddles about a half a block away.  To say he was having fun is an understatement.  I think he could have ran through it all night.  Even after he fell and swallowed some gross puddle water, he wanted to stay and threw a fit when leaving.  But then it was pouring, I was carrying him while laughing hysterically, so then he laughed and all was right with the world.

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