Thursday, June 28, 2012


Miles recently learned the meaning of the word "big."  It's funny how things just click for kids when they're learning.  

So he has a bear he sleeps with.  We call him Yankee Bear.  Well, Yankee Bear sometimes gets some pee on him if Miles has a huge diaper, so he has to have a bath.  So then Miles sleeps with a giant stuffed bear that one of our neighbors got him.  He started calling it "Big Bear."  And thus begins the "big" phenomenon at our house.

He talks about taking a BIG bite of cottage cheese.
He talks about BIG band-aids.  (This doesn't go over so well.  He's terrified of them.  When we want him to wear them, he has to wear pants so it's out of sight, out of mind.)
Miles talks about how BIG he is compared to his stuffed monkey, Marco.

It's funny that it started with Big Bear, then clicks and now he understanding what big means.  We just love seeing develop and grow.  Will we ever cease to be amazed?  I doubt it!

And because I can't post on here without a picture, here's Miles finally keeping on his sunglasses for more than a millisecond.

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