Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day & Miles' Dedication Day

This morning I got Miles up and ready for church.  T.J. was on setup team this morning, so he left bright and early.
He got home and changed real quick, we opened presents and cards, then got ready to go.
Miles helped T.J. get his shoes on.  It is Father's Day after all:)
A family picture before we left.
A little bribery with some puppy chow really worked wonders!
Keriann snapped some pictures of us on stage.
She was on behind the sound guys, so their heads caught most of the flash.  I tried to crop the pictures to be able to see us behind them.
This is Paul introducing us.  He and MaryAnn are our supporting couple.

After church we had lunch at Olive Garden.  We came home and played for about an hour before Miles had to nap.  Then I took a nap too.  I was beat!  Then we ran to Old Navy this afternoon for a little exchange for T.J.  We ended up wandering around the mall, riding the escalators at Dick's, playing with the train table at Barnes & Noble.  Then we headed home.  We had a late dinner of leftovers, then it was bath time.

Thank you, T.J., for all that you do for our family.  You are an outstanding father and husband.  I couldn't have asked for anyone better.  Miles and I are so blessed to call you ours!

We had such a great day vowing to raise our son to know Christ, celebrating and showing our appreciation for T.J., and being together.  What an AWESOME day!!

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