Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodwill & Garage Sale Finds

This last Saturday was nuts around town with garage sales.  I must say, we didn't fare too well at them either.  There were a few that we bought stuff, but it was mostly just not what we were looking for.  One of the things I did buy at a garage sale, though, was a $5.00 edger.  What a steal, huh?  I brought it home, and T.J. tried it out.  It works like a charm and was only $5.00.  Score!!!

My best Goodwill find was this little MP3 player for Miles.  It was marked $3.00; but since it was half-off day,  I got this little gem for a whole $1.50.  It holds 200 songs or something crazy.  I put his Elmo songs on there the other night to see if it would work.  Now I need to bulk his playlist up!  He loves it, and I love that it cost $1.50 instead of the $52.95 it's going for on Amazon.

Here is Miles jamming out to Elmo.

I got a few other steals and deals, but these are definitely my highlights.  Have you had any luck lately with the garage sales?  Do you have Half-Off Day at a Goodwill near you?  I'm seriously obsessed with getting books and toys there for Miles and brand new Target clothes with the tags still on there.
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