Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Indy Air Show

On Saturday we headed out to the Indy Air Show.  We live close to the airport, so Miles loves pointing out all the airplanes that fly over all the time.  It was one of his first words.  Awpaw is what it sounded like until just recently.  Now it's more like Aye-plane.  No R sound yet:)

Mom got Miles some new zoo animals to play with.  He talks all the time about dolphins and monkeys.  They are by far his favorites.  So mom got him an animal thing from Hobby Lobby that had all the zoo animals in it.  Then I got him a big dolphine that was by itself.  He loves them!!
Here we are at the air show before we got hot, sweaty, and dirty.  Yes, dirty.  The planes park behind where you're sitting, so when they start up, they kick up a ton of dirt and dust on you.  It felt good, of course, but we were all hot messes afterwards!
The soon-to-be Hansons:)  Their wedding is about a month away!
Mom & Scott with Miles.

There was a sun beam all day.  It was a rainbow around the sun.
Miles & Grandpa Scott

It was really fun.  Miles sat really well and watched the planes.  It was harder to keep him entertained and in our area when there was downtime.  It was also pretty hot since it was the peak heat of the day and right during his nap.  He was a trouper, though, and was so good.  He did manage about a 20 minute nap, then we went to Keriann's pool to cool off.  

He loves jumping in the pool right now.  Well, actually, jumping period.  Whether it's jumping up and down, in his crib, in our bed, on the couch, or in the pool.  He loves to jump.  The only problem with jumping in the pool is that he doesn't always jump out.  Sometimes he does really good and jumps out.  Other times he jumps up and if you don't catch him, he would hit his butt or back on the edge of the pool.  We are working on going all the way to the edge then jumping.  Some girls were running and jumping in, so he thought he needed to do that.  Add another level of scary to the mix!  We tried to make him stop running and jumping, and it ended in us calling it a day and going home for dinner.  He's still catching up on his sleep from this weekend.  This morning he slept until almost 9:00.  If only that would happen on a day that I was able to sleep in!!!

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