Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 30th Birthday

Have I mentioned I have the best husband in the whole world?  
He has been sneaking around the last couple weeks making birthday plans without me knowing about it.  He planned to have Keriann & Derrick watch Miles Thursday night so I could sleep in on Friday morning.  On Friday morning he got up early to go to work, got this all decorated, stayed home from work, made me breakfast in bed, and had Keriann, Derrick, Miles, Mom & Scott here to surprise me in the morning.
He ordered this yummy cake especially for me.  It was SO GOOD!
Here I'm just getting started opening stuff.
T.J. got me a serger!!  I'm so excited to play with it!  I've been so busy and haven't had time yet, but I will let you know when I finally do!
Miles was loving the present opening!
Mom made me a fancy bird bath.
Keriann did 30 notes or memories from my friends.  It was so nice and sweet.  Thanks, Keriann, for doing that!!  And thanks to everyone who participated.  It made me laugh and cry at the same time.  So fun!!
Family picture time.
Miles snagged some frosting.  Smart kid!
Oh, and look what mom brought me.  Her and Scott are moving and she doesn't want to display my senior picture anymore.  What's wrong with her?  So now I am stuck with it.  What in the world am I going to do with it?!?
Miles reading some books after all the excitement.
I had such a fun day with my family!!  Thanks to Mom, Scott, Keriann & Derrick for helping to make it special!  

Another big reason to make it such a special birthday?  


My dear friends, you know how long and how hard I've worked to pass this sucker.  I was beyond ecstatic when I saw my passing score online Thursday morning, the day before my birthday.  I saw it, hollered for T.J. to come see, then we hugged, I cried, then I kind of felt sick for a little while afterwards.  I have wanted this so bad, but it's been just a little bit out of reach, which has been so frustrating.  Did I tell you about the time I missed it by one?  I may have fallen into a slight RPR depression after that slap in thy face!  You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be staying up to date on my CEUs and dues every year!!  

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Michelle said...

Well, Happy 30th Birthday!! It's always nice when someone joins me in the 30's club :). And I am so proud of you for passing the RPR! That my dear is no small feat!