Saturday, June 16, 2012

NCAA Hall of Fame

This morning we headed down to the NCAA Hall of Fame Museum downtown.  We took a little stroll around the canal.  It was pretty, but hot.  There were mama ducks with their babies, which we loved watching swim by us.  Otherwise, walking right next to water with Miles is a heart attack every five seconds for T.J. and I.  He would be running one direction, see something, and just start heading another way.  Or see something off to his right, but run more to his left, right in the direction of the water.  We are still working on hand holding.  He doesn't love to do it, so we usually let him walk on his own as long as he will be okay (i.e., not in parking lots, the street, etc.).  The canal was borderline, but we let him walk on his own.  Neither of us had to dive into the gross canal to save him, so it was a successful Saturday!

Here are T.J. and Miles in the museum.
 My two men in my life.  I'm one lucky lady!
Shooting hoops in the gym.
His eyes lit up when he saw the basketballs.
Uh-oh.  He spotted me taking pictures.
Checking out the old bleachers.
Miles and I at the Indiana State Museum.
The NCAA Hall of Fame Museum was okay to go see.  If you were in town visiting, I wouldn't make a special point to stop in there.  There's not a whole lot to see.  It was fun for us to stop in there and get out of the house on a hot, lazy Saturday, though.

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