Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Olivia

The Bormanns welcomed their sweet baby girl home just in time for me to get to meet her when we were back in Baxter for Fun Days.  Jess and Keith knew what they were having but kept it a surprise, so I had a little bit of a rush to get some stuff made.  I had some boy stuff all ready for some reason, but nooooo, she had to go and have an adorable, sweet, little girl:)  So I did some last-minute sewing and Silhouetting and whipped these up.

The one on the far left is from Target.  I just thought the owls were too cute not to buy.  Then I made the Iowa and Olivia onesie with the Silhouette.  I knew Jess did the nursery with gray, so I thought the purple and gray burp cloths would be right up her alley.
I bummed this picture off Jessica's blog.  She is swimming in her 0-3 month onesie.  What a peanut!  I love zig zags as much as Jessica, so I knew that one would be a hit!

The other last-minute Silhouetting I did was this shirt for Keriann.  I saw it on Pinterest here, and thought it was hilarious.  So I did some Silhouetting on that too!  This was before I got the Life Savers pinned on.

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