Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I've been wanting to make Miles a cape for a while now, and finally did it.  With Jessica having her baby, I wanted to give her boys a little something for being such awesome big brothers.  I asked Jessica for their favorite colors.  Dylan's is yellow and Carter's is blue.

Hopefully I will get some action shots from Jess soon of her boys in these bad boys!

Miles lets me put his cape on for about 20 seconds, then wants it off.  If he sees me with my camera on him, it's over.  So hopefully I will get an action shot of Miles soon too.  He isn't a big fan of necklaces or things on his neck, but hopefully he will get over that and love his cape.  He really like Super Why, so we keep telling him that he has a cape like Wyatt on Super Why.

This is the best video I've gotten so far.  At the end he turns to Keriann and says, "I carry you."  That's what he says instead of, "Will you carry me?"  :)

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Carrie Heffel said...

These capes are adorable! I found your post on Pinterest. I am wanting to make some similar to these for my boys and my nephews for Christmas. I was wondering if you could tell me what measurements you used?